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Biblical Bases for Key Doctrines by Paul Marston

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Paul Marston

This book is written from a theological perspective that could be broadly described as evangelical, Wesleyan-Arminian and charismatic. This includes the central redemption and Trinitarian truths, but also reflects a belief for example that God has given us freewill to accept or reject his free offer of salvation, and that both women and men should be exercising their God-given natural and spiritual gifts in church life and leadership. For Christians who, whether intuitively or consciously, broadly share this viewpoint, the book seeks to offer succinct summaries of the Biblical bases for these and other beliefs - in a conviction that we are all firmer if we know these. Even where some broadly sympathetic readers dissent on certain of the issues it is hoped that they will find the biblical studies useful. For those who tend towards a quite different stream of church, the book is offered not in a spirit of dissent but to affirm that these beliefs are not based on sentiment or culture but in an attempt to rightly understand truth of Jesus in the Word of God.