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Close To The Edge - Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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This book is a real page-turner! It will challenge you to evaluate afresh the level of your faith in Jesus and in His authority and power. Jesus Himself commented on people’s faith or lack of it, as when He described His own disciples as “you of little faith” when they panicked in the storm.

"The Lord is still looking for people who will grow in faith, and Maurice has written Close to the Edge with this in mind. He shows us how to transform our “little faith” into faith that will lay hold of the purposes in God’s heart for this world, and bring in His kingdom. Close to the Edge is full of stories of men and women of faith who have stepped out boldly for God, including the author’s own adventures, which we in Ichthus Christian Fellowship, have followed in prayer and encouragement. His use of pictures, parables, proverbs and wise words and theology from many centuries, makes it an easy and enjoyable read, while drawing out our souls to seek God and walk with Him."

Thank you Maurice.

Roger T. Forster
Leader and Founder of Ichthus Christian Fellowship

Co-Founder March for Jesus
London, England

"After reading the first draft of this book I gained a vision for living by faith. My time with the Seacare team onboard the mission ship Redeemer helped build a foundation that shaped my heart for many years of mission ahead."

Adam C
Light to the Nations

"Maurice reminds us that we need to discern between the caution that comes from wisdom and the fear that comes from unbelief. Close to the Edge helps us overcome our fear, and step out in faith."

Revd. Andy Economides
Evangelist, Soteria Trust