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God's Strategy in Human History, Volume 2: Reconsidering Key Biblical Ideas

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Roger Forster and Paul Marston

God’s Strategy in Human History Volume 2: Reconsidering Key Biblical Ideas builds on and reinforces a number of the key concepts in Volume 1: God’s Path to Victory. We show how many of the traditionalist meanings given to them are based on imported human philosophy, and not 1st century understandings. These include

  • God’s will, plans and sovereignty and man’s freewill
  • Justification and righteousness
  • God’s election and foreknowledge    
  • Works and faithfulness
  • The hardening of Pharaoh’s heart and unbelief

The last chapter brings together some of the wildly unbiblical teachings of Augustine of Hippo, a man whose theological influence remains huge even today. This volume can either be read alongside Volume 1 or individually to explore particular topics in more depth.

Endorsements for the 3rd edition

‘This riposte to strong predestinarian theology deserves to be widely read and discussed’
William K Kay Professor of Pentecostal Studies, University of Chester

‘Wow, what a relief! To read a serious work that takes Scripture at its face value without cramming it into pre-conceived constructs is a delight; especially around the critically important matter of the human/God relationship in the context of our freedom within His will. The authors’ insistence that genuine relationship requires mutual dependency is one of those obvious realities that fits the story of Scripture yet is often strangely ignored or twisted by those intent on a systematic consistency to a particular doctrinal position.
‘With a generous, non-combative spirit, Marston and Forster, pursue the subject across the history of God’s interaction with us. An uplifting, satisfying walk through the Scriptural content.’

Bishop David Roller Free Methodist Church of North America