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Gold Silver & Precious Stones

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Rewards are at the heart of Christian truth, embracing every facet of our lives in Christ. Jesus promises blessings, rewards, treasure in heaven and an inheritance, ruling and reigning with Him. In the epistles there is a rich vein of rewards, prizes to be run for and crowns to be won. In fact rewards appear in almost every book of the New Testament.

So if they are so important, why don't we hear much about these rewards? What are they? How do we get them? And when? But there are also warnings about losing our reward or not winning the prize. Why? What is it we will lose? Why did Apostle Paul fear disqualification from the prize? Can we lose our salvation? Or if we are saved and guaranteed eternal life, why bother to live a holy life?

These are difficult questions, and popular theology has few answers. However, continuing on from the apostles, the Early Church believed in the Doctrine of Rewards - how we live life matters. Rediscovering the Doctrine of Rewards (and Losses) will transform how you read Scripture, with new depth and vision on how to live a meaningful, 3-dimensional, Christian life and start building with gold, silver and precious stones.

"This is a subject that gets too little exposure in our 'modern' theological preoccupations, yet it touches on and integrates pretty much every New Testament doctrine. Read this book if you are serious about developing a rounded and reflective approach to your discipleship. If not, then read it to understand what you are missing!" Prof Rob George, Kings College, London

“I’m so glad Roger has written this book. It is a great encouragement for Christians seeking to live the Christian life, and a much-needed discussion of a topic that believers really need to think about more.” Dr Steve Smith, St Mellitus College, London