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Paul's Gospel in Romans and Galatians

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Roger Forster and Paul Marston

 Roger and Paul's NEW BOOK The apostle Paul travelled over 10,000 miles to spread the good news of Jesus to the Gentile world. In Romans ch 2:16 and ch 16:25 Paul writes 'according to my gospel', but what exacly is Paul's gospel? How can we understand what it meant to the people Paul was writing to, and how can we apply it to our lives today in the twenty-first century?
Paul’s Gospel rediscovers the heartbeat at the centre of Paul’s life and ministry, and shakes off the dust of centuries of theological additions to reveal the radical message in the letters to the Romans and Galatians.
Features of this book:
-Helpful historical and contextual background to the letters to the Romans and Galatians
-Commentaries cover each verse in both epistles
-Includes 39 Discussion Topics: short studies on particular points that arise, which may be read separately or alongside the flow of the commentary
-Thought-provoking discussion questions for use in study or small groups
I always appreciate Roger and Paul’s unfettered allegiance to the scripture, especially because I find myself in alignment with it.
I went right to the section on Romans ch 9 to 11 because that passage has puzzled me – I found the treatment helpful in understanding how Israel could be saved ‘yet not all Israel.’ May God bless you as you continue your excellent work.
Bishop David Roller
Free Methodist Church of North America.