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Understanding the Bible through Eastern Eyes

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Kim Tan

Understanding the Bible through Eastern Eyes 

Whilst the Bible is timeless in its message, speaking to every age and culture, it is essentially a Jewish book with a truly Middle-eastern flavour. Studying the Bible without an awareness of this can result in misunderstandings and disinterest. But as non-Jews, lacking all the relevant cultural background, how are we to understand the Bible? 
This book sets out to guide the reader through the principles of studying the Bible with its cultural background in mind. It seeks to get the reader excited about reading and discovering the Bible afresh. 

“Kim Tan has a rare talent to simplify complex subjects without misinforming the reader. I have benefited from his previous books and this latest offering, has also helped imp rove my understanding of God’s Word and made me think more deeply about the message of the 
Scriptures. For that, I am grateful” 

- From the foreword by Lynn Green, YWAM 

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Dr. Kim Tan is a biochemist, a Fellow of the Royal 
Society of Medicine, and is involved in a number 
of biotechnology companies. He is Involved In 
Bible teaching ministry in the UK and the Far East. 

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