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Women and the Kingdom

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Faith and Roger Forster

What does the Bible really say about women? Should women be allowed to preach or lead in church? What about what Paul said?

Women and the Kingdom is the long-awaited book by Faith and Roger Forster tackling the role of women within the Kingdom of God. This book takes you on an historical exploration of the roles of women in the Old, New and early church periods before ending up in the present day.

There is thorough, in-depth exegesis of the passages frequently used to argue the case against women in church leadership, and the book boasts a double foreword - one from Jackie Pullinger and the other from Professor Andrew Walker.


'Here is a book that summarises a wealth of information about what the Bible has to say about the role, value and contribution of women in the purposes of God. Written in an accessible style, but with close attention to the precise meaning of the text, the reader is led on a fascinating journey from the Genesis to Corinthians. All Christians would benefit from engaging with what Faith and Roger Forster have to say.'

Revd Dr William K Kay
Director of the Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies and Reader in Practical Theology, School of Theology and Religious Studies, Bangor University

'We have always deeply admired Roger and Faith’s servant-hearted, loving leadership in the local church, nationally and in many other countries too. They are well qualified to write this manifesto for the vital and central role that God calls women to have in the church. Although we may not necessarily agree with absolutely everything in it, this inspiring book will undoubtedly encourage Christians increasingly to cherish the ministries that God gives to women.'

Lyndon and Celia Bowring

'Roger and Faith have produced a much-needed book which will challenge, excite, inform and encourage. We are so glad to commend it to anyone who wants to grapple at depth with these issues. Not only is this a first class read, but is crafted and written from the reflection of a lifelong experience of service and commitment.'

Alan and Elaine Storkey